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Human Factor – The Revenue Driver

¨This is the vital element that differentiates a successful manufacturing business from one which may fail within the next 25 years. I call this the Hu-Factor of Manufacturing. Solve that first, and the chances of survival shall dramatically improve.¨ – Rahul Sarkar


The Human Factor

Rigorous causal analysis shows that a staggering 84% of the causes of manufacturing company failure are due to the neglect of human-related factors. That’s why viewing your company’s human resources as a balance sheet asset is essential instead of an expense line item on your P&L statement.

Clarity Manufacturing Consulting offers simple, low-cost, people-focused solutions that generate revenue and build cash flow. I help companies assess their current situation, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement solutions that generate results. The proper focus on people factors ensures that your company has the right mix of talent aligned with your business goals to achieve long-term success. My e-Book lists 6-steps that you can take now.

Get The Big Picture to Boost Revenue

In any manufacturing business, there are many moving parts – quite literally. With so many products, components, and materials coming together to create a final product, it’s no wonder that confusion and chaos can easily reign. By taking a step back and looking at the big picture of the system and its interactions, companies can develop a clear path to boost revenues.

For example, one of the most problematic issues small and medium-sized manufacturers face today is the lack of qualified workers. The industry is struggling to attract and retain workers with the necessary skills. This deficiency manifests in various ways: a lack of ability, training, quantity, quality, recognition, favorable work environment, and fair pay structures.

There are several ways a company can address that problem. I list several approaches in the e-Book that you can download for free.

Clear, Actionable Thinking To Make Your Manufacturing Company Thrive

I am not offering any magic potion, “snake oil, “quick fixes, or some off-the-shelf universal solutions to solve your problems. Instead, I offer a framework for thinking about these challenges and proper solutions.

Prioritize you must. Not all problems have equal impacts on your business. Some have severe consequences which may not appear for years. Using a holistic approach unique to your business, I will provide tested, clear, actionable plans and guidelines on prioritizing which of your organization’s challenges to address first.

I will help you identify the structural and systemic problems.

Tap Into The Power Of

The Hu-Factor

Simple solutions that focus on the people within the company can make all the difference in achieving manufacturing goals and driving significant revenue growth. My clients are often surprised by the possibilities they encounter by thinking outside the box. I have helped numerous manufacturing companies increase their revenue by 10-25%+ and improve their margins.

Finding ways to attract and retain qualified workers is crucial to success in any small-medium manufacturing company. That may include offering competitive wages and benefits, providing training and development opportunities, and creating a positive work environment. I can help you create a work environment that fosters teamwork, innovation, and productivity by focusing on the human factor.


My process is simple and has yielded amazing results time and again. I am confident it can do the same for you.


Assess Current State

I start by assessing your company’s current state and understanding your unique needs and challenges.


Ideate Solutions
I look at the problems from all angles and help you identify areas of opportunities for increasing revenues and profits.


Propose Plan
Once I have settled on the best solutions, I propose a plan for implementation in a way best suited to your company.


Test/Implement Solution
I test and implement the solutions, making adjustments along the way to ensure the best possible outcome.


Systemize/Report Results

I systemize what has been implemented, and provide detailed reports to keep track of the progress and measure the impact of my strategies for your company.

Don’t Face Tomorrow’s Challenges With Yesterday’s Thinking!


Think Differently

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