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With over 30 years of experience, Clarity Manufacturing has the knowledge and insight to offer fresh insights into the everyday challenges of small manufacturing companies.


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With an MS degree and PhD education from Illinois Institute of Technology and Notre Dame respectively, Rahul Sarkar has spent 30+ years working passionately to serve hundreds of small manufacturing companies worldwide. His expert guidance has helped them win more bids, increase revenue, and achieve operational improvements leading to greater profitability.

A typical small manufacturing company has numerous challenges in attaining the revenue that supports its operations while staying profitable over the long term. Data shows that most manufacturing companies fail within 25 years of their inception. The smaller manufacturing companies fail sooner.

You may have employees fighting “fires,” fighting problems, jumping through hoops to fulfill orders, chasing suppliers and shipments; figuring out substitutions; working on expediting, and placating angry customers who are unhappy for a million reasons. To some extent or another, most small manufacturing companies have these problems.

Barring bias and tunnel vision, given sufficient time to analyze and explore these problems, you and your team are ideally best suited to solve most issues afflicting your organization. What you need is additional time. Since that is not something you have an abundance of, you look for outside help.

You join trade associations and have your people attend workshops, seminars, and scourge through the literature to learn about the latest and most extraordinary developments working wonders at Company XYZ. Consultants offer you personalized and customized advice. Claims of miracle solutions flood your inbox.

You are a maker. You tend to gravitate to Service-as-a-Product solutions representing something definite. For example, a Supply Chain Management platform that “solves” all your supply chain woes, Quality Management platforms that “fix” all your quality problems, Lean Manufacturing packages to “eliminate” all your waste, ERP systems that will make your operations “flow,” business process automation packages that will “reduce” the time spent on repeatable tasks, and so on. They have a clearly defined and finite cost. They are not open-ended. Hence you feel more comfortable with that. And rightly so. You probably can also evaluate them before buying – try before you buy.

What may not be that apparent is that a group of manufacturing generalists get together and decide on what is the “best way” to run a manufacturing company. They then package all those best practices into productized service offerings. They try to make the solution cover every possible variation of manufacturing. They offer a menu of convenient tools and workflows that you can select and choose to use. There is nothing wrong with using these solutions to help you better manage your business systems. There are numerous excellent, well-designed, and tested products in the marketplace. I, too, recommend many of these products to my clients, whom I feel can benefit significantly from their usage.

However, as is more commonly the case, your problems may need an entirely different approach beyond the scope of any one package. Your company is probably nothing like any companies named in the sales pitch. You never need all the features that get packaged into these products. They could solve some of your problems some of the time but not all your problems all the time. Never can and never will. They may provide temporary relief, but the solutions are only band-aids without addressing the root cause. Or, worse yet, to use the package as configured, you may have to adjust your otherwise functional, time-tested, existing processes and adopt a workflow with needless data and information requirements that further exhaust already strained resources.

What can you do?

What is the best way to approach this task of solving your pressing and annoyingly recurring problems? Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem at the level of thought that created the problem.” Therefore, if only you could clone yourself and a few key people, who would have the time to think differently and change the systemic structures that are creating the problems in the first place, you would do much better. Right? Since cloning is impossible, at least in the foreseeable future, I’ll explain how I can help.

What do I do?

As I said, you and your team are in the best position to solve your company’s problems. So why am I asking you to reach out to me?

I offer you time. My resources and time, not yours, are used to sift through the data and information I collect. You are constantly distracted by your daily operations. I am not. Distraction-free time allows me to take those deep dives into your problems. I will need your active involvement, however, in the implementation phase. Companies make a decisive error by outsourcing their problem-solving in its entirety to a consulting firm without staying involved.

I offer you unique knowledge. Not knowledge and insight about your business. I don’t dare to claim to understand all your business’s intricacies. You are the experts there. I help you move beyond a common misconception that correlation indicates causation. I look at your issues, help you see deeper causes, and arrive at solutions. You can decide to maintain the status quo or improve in a way you have never thought possible.

I help you think differently. I bring you the know-how to do that. You will learn to see the patterns that will point to solutions. I am the agency that gives you the much-needed time to accomplish that.

I deeply care about the future of small manufacturers in the US and am involved in non-profit initiatives to that end. Please feel free to get in Touch by clicking the button below. I don’t charge for calls or waste your time with sales pitches. Try me. I enjoy a good challenge as well as a thought-provoking discussion. To learn more about how I help, visit Customer Results.

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