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Clarity Manufacturing understands the unique challenges that small manufacturing companies and fabrication job shops face when trying to win more bids, increase revenue, and achieve operational improvements.

I have helped numerous manufacturing companies and fabricators implement my Clarity In Manufacturing™ Method with great success offering 10-25%+ growth in revenue and margins.



First, what I don’t do. I don’t become your problem solver. I become the coach and mentor to help your team develop problem-solving skills – not symptomatic problem solving but deeper fundamental problem- solving.

Borrowing the give-a-person-a-fish story, I aim to teach your people to “fish so that they can eat for a lifetime” instead of simply giving them “fish so they only eat for a day.”

I spend time with your team to learn about the company. I gather data that is pertinent to your problem areas. I digest the information collected from your current state and use my knowledge and experience of over 30+ years in manufacturing to look at the issues from various perspectives. That is the only time investment you will need up-front.

There is a reason why problems keep perpetually recurring and become increasingly more complex. Are you looking at them correctly? Is there a more impactful, underlying, and hidden factor you have previously missed? Is the problem precisely defined? And so on. Finding the cure for recurring problems involves deep dives, non-linear thinking, and a system dynamics approach.

Conventional thinking tends to miss the often-unseen root causes of problems. The solutions focus on eliminating the obvious symptoms rather than the root causes.

I return after I have completed my analysis and meet with you and your team to explain my findings. I lay out causal loop analysis scenarios of what I perceive to be the structure of your problems. (An example of the shifting the burden structure, with side effects, is shown here). I explain and suggest the next steps towards a solution. I never propose canned solutions. These steps will involve some investment in time you spend as a company working on solving the problems. There is no getting around that. How is this different from what you are currently doing? These recommended steps will focus on surgical strikes at the root of the problem. The deep dives help me get close to the source of the issues than ever before.

You can decide what you want to do at this point. Stay status quo or improve? Companies make a decisive error in outsourcing their problem-solving in its entirety to a consulting firm without staying involved. That builds a dependency on consultants. That is not good for a company. My goal is to make you self-sufficient.

I have helped numerous manufacturing companies and fabricators achieve 10-25%+ growth in revenue and margins. Read some testimonials below.

Testimonials from our clients

I have known Rahul for more than 20 years. Since his younger days, he has always been entrepreneurial in nature, goal oriented, intelligent, hard working, and extremely resourceful. He is the kind of person that I would love as a business partner.

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Kirit Mehta

President at Adept Consulting Services, Inc
We used Rahul to source proprietary products from India. Rahul found suppliers who provided a quality product within the promised lead time. This was no easy task as our product was complicated and there were many manufacturing practices which had to be learned and taught to his team.Rahul was always available and he was very diligent at getting things done.
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Harold Kalich

Director Finance and Accounting at Lee C. Moore, A Woolslayer Company
Rahul is very experienced in global businesses. He is ambitious and persistent in achieving his goals. He is a learner, always keeping himself up to date with the latest information.
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Linda Bi

Owner, Chicago Expert Importers
Rahul has successfully started new ventures and is always looking for business expansion opportunities. He is full of ideas, a serial risk taker and proven entreprenuer.
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Shubhro Ghosh

Group Head - ASEAN, Middle-East & Africa (AMA) at Apollo Tyres Ltd
Rahul’s comprehensive knowledge of Lean Practices and quality systems allowed him to play a pivotal role in our pilot Lean transformation process. He personally created and taught class curricula introducing the principals of Lean to six groups of employees and one consisting of managers. Rahul is highly analytical in his approach to solving problems and is driven by data. His math skills and command of statistical methods are very impressive and helped measurably in getting to the root cause of problems.
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James Fitch

Vice President of Engineering, Nu-Way Industries

India is a big country with many manufacturers, and trying to find the ones who have good processes, systems in place at competitive prices is a challenge. Having “Feet on the Ground” in India is paramount. So many buyers now try and do what I call “Internet Buying”, but unless you spend time and money visiting facilities in India, China, or even the United States for that matter, you do not know what you are truly getting yourself into, and if you may have been deceived. As a Purchasing and Sales Professional, I am not willing to jeopardize my reputation and career over someone I find on the Internet. I understand the vital role and value Rahul provides.

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Ron Sommers

Vice President of Operations, Elite Manufacturing Technologies, Inc
Rahul is one of those rare individuals that possess analytical intelligence as well as the tenacity to chase his dreams. He is always looking for the next big idea and does not stop until he accomplishes his goal. He is a very inspirational person and I am better in my career because of him.
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Pedro Andino

Director Of Materials & Supply Chain Management, Nu-Way Industries
I have known Rahul for a number of years and worked with him on a number of projects. He is well-connected, knowledgeable, polished, energetic, diligent, and resourceful. Rahul works tirelessly to attain, goals, and is very passionate about achieving results. He is also a very savvy businessman.
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Jeff Dresow

Director of Engineering, Chart Industries
I had the pleasure of working with the Chiketa team for almost a year while at Blount International. We utilized the team, based in the NCR of India, as our feet on the ground for supplier quality. The team was actively involved in troubleshooting, always open to complete the necessary tasks, and always willing to go above and beyond. The quality of work was above what is typical in India. Bharat and Rahul were actively engaged as the local Management to ensure support.
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Cliff Pinsent

Senior Lean Process Engineer at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
During a business mission in India in May 2012, I had the pleasure of working with Rahul who revealed himself to be a resourceful person, having been a very precious help to me, as a newbie. In fact, Rahul helped me all summer before and during my trip. All that with a gracious air, which is a rare thing in our current world.

In the professional domain, he has demonstrated the relevance of the services which he offers with his company Chiketa. I have also had the occasion to meet his team in India and I am able to assure you that Rahul and his team are confident, professional, and competent people. I am of the opinion that his company has a bright future, and has dignified people, whom I know for certain that I can count on one day in the future when I have need of performing business in India.

Besides providing such quality help, Rahul has demonstrated great human qualities, having the sense to look toward the long view. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity of collaborating again with Rahul because it was a real pleasure and a grand honor for me.

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Clément Cangelosi

International Sales Manager - COGES (Eurosatory)
Our association with Chiketa has lasted for more than 6 years now and we couldn’t be happier with their high level of Quality, Reliability and Service. They are truly a World Class organization in every sense of the word. Chiketa provided us with ready expertise that we could not have easily developed ourselves. The Chiketa team are Professionals who will provide any company what is needed to “get the job done
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Mike Ricketts

Plant Manager | Engineering Manager|Patent Holder|Product Designer|Supervision|Anchor Specialist

It has been my pleasure to work with Rahul Sarkar. He is a brilliant engineer and manager of the difficult interface between India and western manufacturing. He has been instrumental in helping the Evluma Areamax become a world-leading product in both quality and pricing.
Rahul and I worked closely together in Vasai, India to help build up a factory to the point where it could accommodate the needs of the highly successful Evluma Areamax. I witnessed an 800- ton aluminum casting machine is brought to the factory just for the Evluma product. At any point where timeline management, creative problem solving, or smart judgment were required; Rahul and his entire team could be counted on. I highly recommend Rahul and the Chiketa team for manufacturing in India and engineering expertise with aluminum castings, sheet metal, powder coating and any other manufacturing process that India has to offer.
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Brad Larsen

Product Development and Manufacturing

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